*Wearable Art* - Blue Green Stud Earrings Stainless Steel 12 mm - Mint Girls Canada

*Wearable Art* - Blue Green Stud Earrings Stainless Steel 12 mm

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One of a Kind Art Earrings 
~ made with a piece of Minty Artwork 🌺
~ Each piece of jewelry is unique

As artists, we know you only have so much wall space to hang our artwork, and we've always wanted to create art that is wearable, so it can bring joy all day..

We experimented with acrylic paint pours and after making dozens, it seemed... wasteful. We decided to use our jewelry making skills and create new necklaces, earrings and pendants from pieces of canvas!

These one of a kind art pieces are connected to a greater whole - literally, a bigger painting so you and your friends can all buy pieces from the same painting or you can find a piece best suited for you. Better yet - we can choose for you and you know that no matter what, its from a painting by Canadian artists that's been up cycled into beautiful jewelry.

If you have any questions about our process, please send us a message, we love to chat with fellow creators.