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We source out high quality garments made of natural fibers and use our Mint Girl magic to create wearable art for women and men. We use a variety of techniques to create unique pieces: reverse tie-dye, fabric paints, and stenciling.

We source out second-hand doilies and lace to create beautiful, delicate images. We carefully design pieces that project a greater story - blending sacred geometry and chakra symbols with our own customized style.

 Hoodies, shirts, tank tops, and dresses are all upcycled into unique mint pieces.



Mint Girls is a brand created by two sisters from Bragg Creek, Alberta with a shared passion for creating art and clothing while supporting a more sustainable future. We carefully source quality items from thrift stores to be transformed into unique pieces of art and clothing.

Our goal is to draw attention to our capability to reuse and refresh items that become treasured pieces.

Based out of Nanaimo, Vancouver Island, Mint Girls draws inspiration from the gorgeous BC coast and from their Mom, a Canadian Artist.

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